We Provide a Full Service Grooming experience

We Use Bio-groom natural oatmeal anti-itch shampoo & Silk conditioning Creme Rinse

All grooms include:

nail trimming

teeth brushing

ear cleaning

anal gland expression

  • Full Bath: includes all of the above, as well as full bath and brush-out and trimming of the face, feet and sani area.

  • Full Groom: includes all of the above, as well as a full bath, conditioning treatment and brush-out, hair cut and style of your choosing.

  • We have a full line of medicated shampoos for dogs with additional skin ailments.

  • We will gladly dremel your dogs nails upon request.

  • We use an enzymatic poultry flavored toothpaste that helps to control plaque and fight bad breath.

  • We use an ear drying solution with every bath to ensure no ear infections are started at the salon. We also pull ear hair from the breeds that require it.

  • We check and express anal glands with every full service unless otherwise preferred.

  • All of our freshly groomed dogs leave with either a bandana or a handmade bow.

All of the above services are offered to you at no additional charge to the full bath or full groom prices. we feel these are a necessary part of your dog's grooming experience.

additional services available

  • For Cats: A lion-cut where we cleanly shave their body leaving their head, face, feet and a full tail or just a puff at the tip. Also includes a nail trim.

  • Soft Claws: Nail caps to help keep your dog or cat from scratching you, themselves, your furniture or floors.

  • Flea and tick shampoo: To help prohibit those nasty critters from inhabiting your dog.

  • Skunk smell remover

Call today for a quote on your specific breed!

Pricing based on breed and specific service you require